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Who Owns Your Child

Does the Custodial Parent of Your Children Think that He or She Owns the Child?

Attorney Henniger has one of the largest custody practices in the area. He has this type of practice because he is very aggressive in confronting parents who abuse their power and authority as custodial parents. You should know that if you have a custody problem, many times the problem can be fixed.

If your principal divorce issue is custody, Attorney Henniger is an experienced person with whom to consult.

What is the best custody arrangement for you? Sole Custody? Shared Parenting, also known as Joint Custody? How should your companionship schedule be structured? Every other weekend-- alternating weeks---expanded weekends--4-3-3-4.

The companionship schedule may affect the amount of child support that is ordered. Some courts will make allowance for reduced child support based upon the child spending more time with the non-residential parent.


Emergency Custody

If you think conditions have arisen that might jeopardize your child's safety, especially if your child is in a situation where he may suffer irreparable harm, then you may need to file a custody motion and ask for an emergency hearing.


Motion for change of custody factors

  1. Change of Circumstances Since Custody Award Made
    If Sole Custody, then change of circumstances in custodial parent or child.
    If joint custody or shared parenting, then change of circumstances in either parent or the child.
    1. Parent has relocated or is attempting to relocate.
    2. Parent is having drug or alcohol problems
    3. Parent is committing crimes
    4. Parent is neglecting the child
    5. Child has become much older
    6. Child is having problems in school or at home.
    7. Child is reporting child abuse.
  2. Analyze how good is your case for changing custodial arrangements?
  3. How good is your situation?
    1. living arrangements; can you provide safe clean environment
    2. do you have criminal record  —esp. domestic violence
    3. Factors in how you lost or gave up custody
    4. background and record of person you live with
  4. The Types of Custodial Arrangement
    1. Sole Custody
    2. Joint Custody & Shared Parenting
  5. Child Support
    1. How is it computed?
      1. Computation of Child Support
        The following information is needed:  (basic only)
        1. Income of each parent
        2. Cost of health insurance for the child(ren)

Child Support Calculator :  for a free calculation, Click here.