Criminal Defense Representation

Attorney Henniger served 14 years as a municipal judge. He also served as a law director and prosecutor for city, and as an assistant county prosecutor. He has also served as defense counsel for the defendants for over 10 years. He has 36 years experience altogether. As Judge, he presided over many jury trials, and many cases were tried to him in bench trials. Attorney Henniger is one of the most experienced trial defense counsels in the area.


Attorney Henniger has an excellent reputation in the area courts, both for his expertise, but also as a person whose word is good. He will be listened to, although no special favors are expected.


OVI or OMVI (drunk driving)

  1. Do you have a C.D.L.? You can lose your C.D.L. even for an O.V.I. in a private vehicle.

  2. Did the officer have probable cause to stop and detain you?

    1. Did he have a reasonable and articulable suspicion of driving under the influence?

  3. Multiple O.V.I convictions: Did you have an attorney for each of them?

Domestic Violence

  1. Was there an actual injury?

  2. Does the alleged victim want to press charges?

  3. Are the charges trumped up?

C.P.O. (Civil Protection Orders or Anti-stalking orders)

  1. If your safety is in jeopardy, call one of the following numbers to speak with a Victim's Advocate:
    1. Athens   (740) 592-3212
    2. Fairfield  (740) 687-6778
    3. Hocking  (740) 385-5343
    4. Jackson
    5. Perry
    6. Washington (740) 373-0043
  2. You can obtain a C.P.O. (Civil Protection Order)  in the county in which you reside or temporarily reside.
  3. You must be able to demonstrate that you are in danger of imminent harm for a C.P.O.
  4. Here is how they work:
    1. The alleged victim appears in common pleas court for an ex parte hearing (only the victim is present; the alleged perpetrator is not).
    2. If the order is granted by the judge, then a second hearing is set with notice to the alleged perpetrator. These hearings can be very lengthy, lasting 1 - 2 days, but usually they do not last more than 2 hours. The victim must be able to prove that the victim is in danger of imminent harm.
  5. Some C.P.O.'s are granted based upon false claims. If so, you will need a lawyer if you are the alleged perpetrator.

Probation Violations

If you are on probation or community control, even the accusation of a crime can cause the probation officer or Adult Parole Authority to file a parole or probation revocation violation. These potentially are very serious, since you can be ordered to serve any remaining time left on your sentence in jail or in the penitentiary, if a felony.

Sex Offenses

  1. If you are accused of a sex offense, it is a very serious matter that could affect your life for years to come, or even the rest of your life, because of the sex offender registration laws.

  2. There are many cases in which the accusation is just plain false, or the prosecutor overcharges (files a higher degree offense than the facts warrant). You must be represented by counsel.

  3. Attorney Henniger has substantial experience in handling sex offense cases.

If you think conditions have arisen that might jeopardize your child's safety, especially if your child is in a situation where he may suffer irreparable harm, the you may need to file a custody motion and ask for an emergency hearing.



A simple traffic violation such as left of center, failure to stop for a stop sign, and failure to yield can result in a charge of vehicular homicide, if a death results.  The charge can be aggravated vehicular homicide, a felony, if there is an O.V.I. on top of it.  There are other circumstances that give rise to the felony charge as well.

Keep in mind, that unless alcohol is involved, juries do not like to convict drivers of vehicular homicide, because the error can be so small for such huge consequences.

When Attorney Henniger was judge, he presided over and decided a vehicular homicide case, (finding the defendant not guilty), in which the defendant had been blinded by the sun.  However, in another case, in which two young men were horsing around with the car, and death resulted because one of the young men was sitting on the hood, when the driver moved the vehicle, the driver was clearly guilty of the charge of vehicular homicide.  Circumstances mean everything!

Vehicular Assault:  A closely related charge if vehicular assault or aggravated vehicular assault, where similar minor traffic violations result in injury rather than death.